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Thu Jul 31 08:53:38 CEST 2008

Hey Ferenc,

I see some good suggestions made by you and others in this thread.
I'd like to share my vision for the Main Page and what I can I bring
from a user interface background.

My main approach is user centric design, so all design decisions
should be with the users in mind. The Main Page should cater to the
people who use it the most. While, ideally, there could be
surveys/questionnaires done, with the current resources, it seems like
too much work.

First, I'd like to put in my proposal. The focus of the Main Page must
be user centric. My ideal layout would be three columns, one for each
type of user that we get.  They are New Users, Phone Users and
Developers. Everything should be organized under those categories so
people can quickly identify who they are and get the most relevant

The current boxes (In News, Community & Events, etc) should really go
in the menus on the left of the page. There's probably some rewording
that can be done there.

Finally, to point out some things about the current Main Page.

What I like about the current Main Page:
- I like the colours. I think it fits the Openmoko theme very well.
- The slogan is great for sending a clear message about Openmoko in
very few words!

Minor gripe currently:
- The language options should go at the bottom. The first screen of
the main page is valuable real estate. It's important to populate the
most important things at the first screen so people can find it at
first glance without scrolling.
- The introduction is good, but too long.  Maybe retain only the first
- About Software Stack and the picture, I think it just needs to be
moved. It's a great picture and the term Software Stack is important,
but probably only in the developer section.  We need to think about
who the audience is for everything we do.

Please give your feedback/guidance. Cheers!


On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 2:46 PM, Ferenc Veres <lion at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Stroller írta, 2008-07-25 07:35 keltezéssel:
>> Generally I think stuff like:
>>    Openmoko, born as a Free Software project under GPL and LGPL license,
>>    is dedicated to delivering an open software stack on mobile
>> platforms.
>>    Openmoko shipped its first product, the Neo 1973, on July 9 2007
>>    ... one aim: create great mobile products using the Openmoko stack:
>>    Open. Mobile. Free. ... includes a full X server, allows users and
>>    developers to transform mobile hardware platforms into unique
>>    products
>> Should be on the front page. It just needs pointing to more useful
>> resources.
> Yes, the introduction is good and should be there.
> I also like the boxes as good jump points, however their content needs
> serious changes. (Links colors are unreadable.) Many of the good ideas
> were already listed here, I don't know if adding some more thoughts will
> lead anywhere. :-)
> The current boxes are confusing, there is a little of everything in
> each. The mentioned 3 main sections of the "portal" could be reflected
> by these boxes, using them as main starting points.
> I would take Potential users and Users to the first two boxes, and leave
> the Developer stuff for the second two.
> Some brainstorming. Based on the already existing links.
> - openmoko community -
> = About openmoko =
> == About openmoko ==
> - What is OpenMoko (FAQ - later cleaned up)
> - Neo FreeRunner phone
> - Why OpenMoko
> - Community Updates
> == Getting OpenMoko
> - Where to buy? - Online shop - GroupSales
> - GroupSales
> - Supported Hardware
> - Distributions
> = Users =
> == Neo Freerunner ==
> - Getting Started with your FreeRunner
> == OpenMoko software ==
> - Community Projects (Share your projects?)
> - Snapshot (about the same section as currently)
> - ASU software stack (and the rest)
> - opkg
> - join the development -
> = Application Developers =
> == Developing applications ==
> - toolchain
> - MokoMakeFile
> - Python intro
> - Summer of Code 2008
> == Emulation ==
> - Qemu
> - Xephyr
> = System Developers =
> - debug board
> - OE
> - MokoMakeFile (here too, it builds OE too)
> - uboot
> - kernel
> - gsmd
>> We might as lose the picture of the "Openmoko Software Stack" because
>> it doesn't add sufficient value (and I'm not sure how valid it is).
> Hehe, yes, that must go. Put a phone pic instead.
> And "includes a full X server," text should not link to the Xephyr
> emulation article. ;-) Short intros about the boxes could be used for
> some "extra links", like they are, currently. E.g. the "project
> resources" link.
> Ferenc
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