Trademark policy page deleted, moved to privacy policy.

Stroller stroller at
Thu Jul 31 14:08:34 CEST 2008

Hi there,

The "trademark policy" page has been deleted (2 days ago) and moved  
to privacy policy.
- Warning: You are recreating a page that was previously deleted.

This change makes no sense to me, because the two subjects are quite  

The trademark page used to be prominently linked to from the main  
page. I suggested it be linked to less prominently (small print at  
the foot), but think this deletion may be (ahem) ill-advised. I  
discovered this action because a user was just asking about Trademark  
usage on IRC, wanting to do a CC-licensed presentation (or something)  
on Openmoko. The trademark page is, after all, (presumably) official  
Openmoko policy and was (again presumably) put there by an Openmoko  

The user that has done this, Coolcat, is VERY active, so it may well  
be worthwhile having him onboard with this list.
I apologise for raising this matter if Coolcat is an Openmoko  
employee and is trying to bring the wiki into line with Openmoko  
plans / policy (but like I say, this change doesn't make any sense to  

Unfortunately, for various reasons, I'm not going to be able to give  
the wiki - and this list - the commitment I planned. Sorry about  
that. So I won't be able to pursue this matter & it's just a "heads  
up" to you guys.

Additionally the last section of < 
License> to the correct page wherever the trademark usage rules end  
up. It says: "It is worthwhile to note that FIC ("FIRST INTERNATIONAL  
COMPUTER, INC. CORPORATION") is currently the legal holder of the  
Openmoko mark (USPTO #77013374 standard character mark)"...


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