German Subdomain

Ferenc Veres lion at
Thu Jul 31 22:15:28 CEST 2008


Edianer írta, 2008-07-31 11:16 keltezéssel:

That page does not answer the question, it says: "This feature does not
exist yet."

Well, it answers to some degree: no good solution exists yet.

The problem with adding /de to all links is that if the page is not
translated yet, it will link to a "page not exists, create it", and does
not provide any way to read the English original.


If you carefully add /de to only those links which are already
translated, it soon becomes a nightmare of finding links which still
point to the English version after having the /de version created.

The subdomain solution would suffer the same problem!

The great advantage of the current Languages template (above subdomain
solution) is that readers can immediately see that the resulting page is
available in German too, because the link will be Orange.

Well, I don't know any solution. If we keep the Languages template on
the top of the translated pages, users can quickly switch after
navigating. Frustatring I know. :-(


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