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Thu Jul 31 22:34:28 CEST 2008


William Lai írta, 2008-07-30 23:38 keltezéssel:
> Hot Topics
> Community
> Development
> User Documentation

I am not sure if your quoted links are also a proposal or just an
example of simplicity. I have no idea what would belong to "Community"
or whether we have so important "Community pages" to use one quarter of
the front page for it.

Also, "Hot topics". Cool if we have that kind of information. Not cool
if it's about linking to FAQ. :-)

We discussed Openmoko related main sections earlier, well I'll answer
that in the next mail, a reply to Justin listing them again. Please
explain what would be in "Community", if you propse that group. (But
let's not make a big prominent link to huge list of user groups.) (Well,
any other opinions are welcome.)

> Each section is then narrowed down to show 3-4 links, yes, 3-4 links  
> only, with the last one being 'more topics'.  I honestly can't help my  

Yes, good idea, we should reduce even more than we originally thought. I
agree, so does my favourite usabilty expert:

Reduce. Good point, let's keep in mind.

> p.s. we need this page badly in our wiki:

Best regards,

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