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Ferenc Veres lion at
Thu Jul 31 23:25:36 CEST 2008

Hi all,

Justin Wong írta, 2008-07-31 08:53 keltezéssel:
> My main approach is user centric design, so all design decisions
> should be with the users in mind. The Main Page should cater to the

How do you define "user"? I hope that includes developers too. All
visitors basically.

> type of user that we get.  They are New Users, Phone Users and
> Developers. Everything should be organized under those categories so
> people can quickly identify who they are and get the most relevant
> information.

You convienced me, we don't need two developer boxes (Application
developer, System developer).

If someone is really a "System developer", interested in the 5 hours
long "make openmoko-devel-image" command, he will spend a few minutes
digging deeper.

Note, that instead "New users", that box should be reserved for people
interested in "what is this all about". Including general Hardware
information, like you can get on any phone retailer's page. And FAQ with
"does it have a camera"? "3g?" (The FAQ page, updated for FreeRunner and

> What I like about the current Main Page:
> - I like the colours. I think it fits the Openmoko theme very well.

Fits OpenMoko. Looks cool. Unreadable.

The links in the boxes: Foreground: #FF6600  Background: #333333

Brightness Difference: 85.119 (should be >= 125)
Colour Difference: 306 (should be >= 500)

> Minor gripe currently:
> - The language options should go at the bottom. The first screen of
> the main page is valuable real estate. It's important to populate the
> most important things at the first screen so people can find it at
> first glance without scrolling.

Yes, I agree, but only to save more space above the scroll.

> - The introduction is good, but too long.  Maybe retain only the first
> paragraph.

Yes, and remove links which mislead users to extremely deep knowledge
requiring pages. Remove repeated links, keep in-text links on minimum
required. I'd even think removing Free Software and GPL links.

Not to "keep users on our website", but to keep users focusing on links
they are REALLY interested in. Visitors won't want to start with reading
the GPL (that's the second link). Let's keep this page focusing on
OpenMoko itself.

> - About Software Stack and the picture, I think it just needs to be
> moved. It's a great picture and the term Software Stack is important,
> but probably only in the developer section.  We need to think about
> who the audience is for everything we do.

Won't fit in the 3-4 most important imho. ;-)


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