Proposition for wiki main page rewamp

Ferenc Veres lion at
Thu Jul 31 23:41:09 CEST 2008


Minh Ha Duong írta, 2008-07-31 16:42 keltezéssel:
>   Here is a proposition for the Main Page: 
> (see the analysis at ) 
> What do you think ? 

Thanks for the example. I think there should be a Sandbox: category for
this (I couldn't find one yet, but if does not exit, we must create it.
Does anybody know?)

Why do you think "Events" is the topmost important content of this wiki?
I - personally - don't want to attend to conferences, but I wanna know
whether this ASU image I just installed has a Terminal or any way to set
up USB networking?! :-) (Sounds like a more typical visitor, isn't it?)

News is cool. And this selection of news is cool.

I think news could go out from the box, and keep boxes for the
previously proposed (currenly I have no clue how many people agreed):

1. New to OpenMoko?

2. Phone users

3. Developers

Well, in Commmunity (a new idea getting shape) we could have the
"Community udpates" and the "".

test cases

and many more, still must go.

I'll try to make an update. Please see Minh Ha Duong's origial in the
page history. Feel free to revert. :-)


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