whitespace going missing on wikipages?

BrendaWang brenda_wang at openmoko.com
Mon Nov 10 04:50:35 CET 2008

Minh Ha Duong ??:
>> I've recently seen a problem with whitespace at the beginning or end of
>> lines going missing on wiki-pages.
>> I am sure I did not remove the whitespace for the pre-formatted text,
>> and only added the ToDo line.
>> Once broken it's hard to fix with adding whitespace again, and I've only
>> been able to restore pre-formatting with <pre> ... </pre>. For code
>> examples where whitespace matters the problem is worse....
>> Has anyone else noticed this? Has anyone got a workaround?
I think that the "TagCloud" extension is responsible.
> That extension looked good in theory, but in practice I am still sorry I asked 
> for it. Coolcat, do you want to ask your colleague engineers to disable it .
> Workaround: I use <pre> as you do.
> Minh

Yes, I think the problem cause by EXTENSION.
I will report to IT guys. They will survey it.
Maybe they can fix it.


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