om2008.8 <-> om2008.9 issues

Alasal myrealemail at
Thu Oct 2 16:56:39 CEST 2008


I think we should rename some of the pages. Almost all information available
for om2008.8 is right for om2008.9, while most of the people is getting
confused about that.

So I suggest the following:
- Split into and, where Om distribution handles
about general focus and so on and Om 2008.8 is specific on that release. (So
Om 2008.8 will deliver something like
- Change the section about Om2008.9 on page into Om distribution
- Change the section about Om2008.8 on into Om distribution

So I suggest the following on naming convention:
- Om distribution: The distribution that Openmoko is cooking off the asu
branch (Something like Ubuntu)
- Om2008.8: The first point release of the Om distribution. (Something like
Ubuntu 4.10)
- Om2008.9: The second point release of the Om distribution. (Something like
Ubuntu 5.04)
- Omd: The call name of the Om distribution. It's easier to type 3 chars
instead of 15 chars.
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