Google analytic records of September

Ferenc Veres lion at
Fri Oct 3 12:34:43 CEST 2008

Hi there,

BrendaWang írta, 2008-10-02 11:54 keltezéssel:
> Dear all:
> Here is the google analytic records of September:
>, 2008
> Feel free to let me know , if I missed anything you want to know.

Good job, thank you!

I am glad to see that the first 4 entries as we expected. We could 
update the "what to translate" list.

Category:Hardware should not be in the top10. We discussed that we would 
like to remove the link from the main menu. (Also the Neo1973 menu if 
you are there, and move "Applications" up below "Download" from the 
Community box, please. Hm.. I think there are some more changes we 

Statistics should not contain the statistics. I am 
afraid the same Google Analitics ID is used for both sites. Is that 
possible? This should be changed. I don't want to see


and such things in the community wiki stats. And visits to the company 
page is not necessarily public info. I don't want to know. :-)

Search: "open source phone" 487, that's interesting.

This one too (49)  :

failed to download
feed/all/packages.gz, error 404

And this one looks to be a broken link somewhere: 122 search. (Searching a complete 
URL, 122 times?)

Thank you!

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