om2008.8 <-> om2008.9 issues

Ferenc Veres lion at
Fri Oct 3 15:59:09 CEST 2008

Hi there,

First, thanks for moving old Om 2008.8 Download info to a separate page. 
(Anyway, that page is called "Old Openmoko Distribution Releases", but 
William Lai on this list earlier explained, that "Openmoko" refers to 
the company, and "Om" refers to the software!)

I think this is still called "Om 2008.8", despite the updated release. 
It may be very important to see which release someone uses. Seeing 
2007.2 and 2008.8, the differences are too large. Name "Om distribution" 
would hide that sometimes.

Your idea is great, in general. My problem is with "Om distribution" and 
"Omd". (Om d10n ;-D ). I use Mandriva, I always compare this problem to 
Mandriva. Their company name and Linux distribution name is the same, 
like with "Openmoko". So it's a similar problem.

Why does not Openmoko call their Linux distro "Om Linux". ? Om Linux is 
for phones, it's a Linux distro, It's developed by Openmoko Inc, who 
also produces phones which run Om Linux. This question is not something 
the documentation team will decide. (Some Openomo employees are here who 
could ask around.)

I answered back then too, saying "Om" is too short name for anything. 
Also see Search Statistics Brenda just posted. Nobody finds "Om"!

Releases. Mandriva releases a "Mandriva Linux 2008" and a 2008 Spring 
edition (aka 2008.1, but that does not refer to January!).

Until you can use the same repository sources to update and install, it 
is the SAME RELEASE. Mandriva Linux 2009 will come shortly, then we will 
have a new repository. (Of course hard to compare to a mature 
distribution, but well, I try. :-) )

Om 2008.9 is not a new release, it uses  the same repository. (I don't 
even understand why it was released at all. People could use a daily 
snapshot of a certain date instead.)

Sorry, I understand the problem, but I don't know how to solve it. I 
hope there were some useful things in my comments. Others?


Alasal írta, 2008-10-02 16:56 keltezéssel:
> So I suggest the following:
> - Split into
> and
>, where Om distribution handles
> about general focus and so on and Om 2008.8 is specific on that release. (So
> Om 2008.8 will deliver something like
> - Change the section about Om2008.9 on
> page into Om distribution
> - Change the section about Om2008.8 on
> into Om distribution
> So I suggest the following on naming convention:
> - Om distribution: The distribution that Openmoko is cooking off the asu
> branch (Something like Ubuntu)
> - Om2008.8: The first point release of the Om distribution. (Something like
> Ubuntu 4.10)
> - Om2008.9: The second point release of the Om distribution. (Something like
> Ubuntu 5.04)
> - Omd: The call name of the Om distribution. It's easier to type 3 chars
> instead of 15 chars.

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