om2008.8 <-> om2008.9 issues

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Sun Oct 5 23:18:01 CEST 2008

I agree 'om' is to short. At most search engines you have to type at least 3
chars. So the call name of the openmoko distribution has to have a length
higher than 2.

I like to keep the strict separation between the company, the software and
the phones. The distinction between the phones and the company/software is
already handled. Neo Freerunner/Neo 1973 vs Openmoko. But the separation
between the company and the software is to small. Om looks like the
abbreviation of openmoko.

'Om linux' is a nice suggestion, but I don't like putting linux into a
distribution name. Linux has nowadays a wide definition. Everything is
called linux and all distribution are based on linux or are linux. But if
you ask what linux really is, they answer: it's a collection of
distributions that are based on the same software made by Linus. That's
correct, but if you say linux, you mostly mean an operating system for your
desktop/laptop. The openmoko distribution doesn't target that. The openmoko
distribution is for a phone.

I agree that om 2007.2 and om 2008.8 are something very different. And
therefor I wouldn't put om 2007.2 in the Openmoko Distribution family. It's
just another distribution.

So I still think this would be best:
- Openmoko (And for legal docs: Openmoko inc)
- Om 2007.2
- Omd (Openmoko distribution)
- Qt extended
- Debian
- ...
Derivatives of Omd:
- SHR (mix of Omd and om 2007.2)
Releases of Omd:
- Omd 2008.8
- Omd 2008.9
- Omd 2008.10 (future)
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