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Tobias Schoel liesdiedatei at
Mon Oct 6 11:02:47 CEST 2008

In Germany, ASU is the abbreviaten of "Abgassonderuntersuchung", which
translates to "Special Exhaust Gas Examination". This Abbreviation is
commonly known among car drivers. So I don't think, we should come up
with a German interpretation of "ASU" for om2008.x.

And don't make it to complicated for the people new to
Openmoko/Freerunner. Just call by its most common name, which I think,
would be 2008.8, 2008.9 and so on. After all, there has to be an
explanation site, for all possible names for the different



On Mo, 2008-10-06 at 10:12 +0200, Minh Ha Duong wrote:
> Le lundi 06 octobre 2008, Alasal a écrit :
> > I don't agree about the ASU, because ASU stands for 'April/August software
> > update'. That isn't a good distribution name, don't you think?
>   We are not tied to that. ASU is a three letter code, I suggest to change 
> what it stands for. Companies do that all the time (when they merge, for 
> example), and ASU has been already changed once. ASU could stand for ASU 
> Software Update in the GNU tradition, or something else whoever here can 
> think of, maybe in German or in Chinese ?
> Minh
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