om2008.8 <-> om2008.9 issues

Alasal myrealemail at
Mon Oct 6 12:28:02 CEST 2008

I like the idea of using ASU, But use it as an abbreviation for something
else. On the other side, the meaning should be something english, so
everyone can understand.

Also if we go for ASU, we should call the releases ASU 2008.8. If we keep om
2008.8, there is like a gigantic wall between the name of the distro and its
releases. Nobody will relate om 2008.8 with ASU. (That is happening nowadays
also, nobody sees directly the link between ASU and om 2008.8). Another
reason for renaming the releases to ASU 2008.8: All other linux distribution
does that. They have a distribution name (like ubuntu/mandriva/debian/...)
and they put something after the name for the release (like ubuntu
8.10/Mandriva Linux One 2008 Spring/Debian 4.0)

So now I still think this would be best:
- Openmoko (And for legal docs: Openmoko inc)
- Om 2007.2
- Qt extended
- Debian
- ...
Derivatives of ASU:
- SHR (mix of ASU and om 2007.2)
Releases of ASU:
- ASU 2008.8
- ASU 2008.9
- ASU 2008.10 (future) 

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