Let's release another community update RSN

Minh Ha Duong haduong at centre-cired.fr
Tue Oct 7 10:09:12 CEST 2008

> Hi, very good job! Thanks for mentioning my lame wallpapers. I hope much
> better ones will replace them soon, but I really wanted to have one, so
> I made (three). :-D

You are welcome. Thanks for sharing. I added a link about wallpaper quality 
guidelines, FYI.

> One comment: Continuing this naming convention (=variable) of the
> updates will lead to chaos on the category list and make it completely
> impossible to find. I advice 2008-10-04, even if that's not an English
> or US format.

That's the rational date format (POSIX). Two remarks then
- Om releases names basically follow it, using a dot, not a dash.
- With the forgotten detail: it should have been 2008.08 and 2008.09 to sort 

Minh HA DUONG, Chargé de Recherche, CNRS
CIRED, Centre International de Recherches sur l'Environnement et le 

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