source code availability

Ferenc Veres lion at
Thu Oct 16 15:09:35 CEST 2008

Hi all,

Someone with nick name "Rms" (I guess it's not the "real RMS" :-) ),
started adding "Source code available:" tags to applications pages.

I think this information is not needed on every application list. A few
people needing it could find on the application's own page. (If there is
no page for the application, there is usually an external HOMEPAGE link.
That page must provide the source code then.)

I mailed the user, waiting for reply.

I will create a page called "Source Code" soon, which will explain how
to receive the source code of Openmoko releases from OpenEmbedded (if I
can find the right way, corrections will be welcome!), and the same
Source Code article will encourage everyone who contributes a package to
ALWAYS include a link to the appropriate source package. Especially if
the original ported program required patches! is not loading at the moment, but I also want to
check, that every IPK release there is accompanied with the
corresponding source tar.gz.

With a little work and education we can avoid the need for others
finding (and failing to find) The Source. (And we all know, this is
REQUIRED by the license (besides other 3 options to provide source code,
but this is the most convenient).



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