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Ferenc Veres lion at
Thu Oct 16 22:03:03 CEST 2008


Minh Ha Duong wrote:
> > I think this information is not needed on every application list. A few
> > people needing it could find on the application's own page. (If there is
> > no page for the application, there is usually an external HOMEPAGE link.
> > That page must provide the source code then.)
>   I like the idea. It may turn out that having a source-based distribution
> system with a compiler on the FreeRunner itself is the best way to go.

I still don't like the idea. Because there is no good solution to this in most 
cases, there are too many errors possible for no real benefit. Current 

1. Locations wrong, links to  om assasin source
2. Link points to an exact version number! (Cumulus)
3. Points to a not easily downloadable SVN/file list (Pyroute)
4. Source code is equal to the files in the IPK, script language (Pyroute)
5. Source link matches "homepage" link (basically will be true for all 
"" apps. (GPS Sight)
6. Navit SVN folder browser again
7. TangoGPS "Can't find", while on the "homepage" link there is a link to 
"Source tarball" below other downloads.

Ok, next Games:

Repeating the same problems.
- Kobodeluxe: matches homepage link (adds only "download.html")
- Moko-sudoku: "Yes", but I can't see where, there is absolutely no link for 
this program.
- Gnuboy links to Kobodeluxe source code.
- GnuChess: 'Can't find". AFAIK this is a plain simple compile of  the 
original GnuChess which IS linked from the linked "homepage". Author should 
add a note, that he did not modify the source, just compiled. I'll mail him 
right now.

This way it makes no sense. And even if you try to find a better way, there 
will be 3-4 options only:

- Link matches "homepage" (or download section of "homepage")
- Link must refer to OpenEmbedded for Om 2008.8 programs
- Source is clearly available on "homepage", but you provide a "better" link, 
wich may change in the original page and nobody will update our copy.
- Source is the script itself.

I  think it would be much better approach to just CHECK whether the release 
fulfils license requirements, and if not, notify the maintainer and remove 
from the openmoko Wiki if not fixed.

Then we don't even need a "Source available: Yes" tag in the template, because 
where it is NO, we remove the program. (Well, ok, we need a system to keep 
track of what was checked. So a "Yes"/"-" tag could be useful, but really 
that's all we need.

> > I mailed the user, waiting for reply.
> You invited him/her to join the list ?

Nope. I'll when he/she replies.


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