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Fri Oct 17 10:11:08 CEST 2008

Ferenc Veres ??:
> Hi all,
> Someone with nick name "Rms" (I guess it's not the "real RMS" :-) ),
> started adding "Source code available:" tags to applications pages.
I create this account to help Richard . Richard suggest that Openmoko 
should make sure that programs recommended is really free.
So I start to marked if this application had source code, and put the 
link there, make people easy to recognize.
> I think this information is not needed on every application list. A few
> people needing it could find on the application's own page. (If there is
> no page for the application, there is usually an external HOMEPAGE link.
> That page must provide the source code then.)
> I mailed the user, waiting for reply.
> I will create a page called "Source Code" soon, which will explain how
> to receive the source code of Openmoko releases from OpenEmbedded (if I
> can find the right way, corrections will be welcome!), and the same
> Source Code article will encourage everyone who contributes a package to
> ALWAYS include a link to the appropriate source package. Especially if
> the original ported program required patches!
> is not loading at the moment, but I also want to
> check, that every IPK release there is accompanied with the
> corresponding source tar.gz.
> With a little work and education we can avoid the need for others
> finding (and failing to find) The Source. (And we all know, this is
> REQUIRED by the license (besides other 3 options to provide source code,
> but this is the most convenient).
> Opinions?
Yes, I like the page you create.

> Thanks,
> Ferenc
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