New template: {{Ticket|number}}

Ferenc Veres lion at
Wed Oct 22 21:54:18 CEST 2008


Minh Ha Duong wrote:
> What do you think ?

Very good idea, thanks!

> Would it be worth to replace the existing hardcoded links in:

Only in the some of the often edited documents from that list, like Om 2008.8, 
Om 2008.9 Update. This way editors will see the use of it and will start using 
it. I don't see any benefit in modifying all documents.

Actually the old links used the whole sentence for the link text, and there 
was no "ticket xx" in front of the links on Om 2008.9 Update. Please compare 

Audio Quality tickets 
System software tickets


(I changed the upper ones to use Ticket template)

It looks ok to me. Using the tempalte would be probably too difficult if it 
had more parameters, e.g. one for the link text too. And this way it will be 
obvious this is a ticket link!


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