Ferenc Veres lion at
Thu Oct 23 12:50:58 CEST 2008


Per wrote:
> BrendaWang schrieb:
> > Hi guys ,
> > I found this page on wiki,
> >
> > I think there's too much categories put on this page, can we give this
> > page proper categories?
> This looks like a advertisement-page for User:Cfriedt!

The page looks ok to me.

> I removed most of the categories...

Good, thanks!

> The sections "Updates" and "Buy a Handset and Debug Board" should be
> removed.

Updates are good, I wish all other pages had this kind of status sections. 
Debug board section links to buying Openmoko debug board. I changed hat to a 
"see also" and one link instead 5. :-) (Probably this kind of arm5 arm4 
hacking needs a debug board, who knows...


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