Intro - some thought about the wiki translations

Frank W. Kooistra frank at
Tue Sep 2 00:46:29 CEST 2008


I am Frank W. Kooistra 
I am Dutch, near native speaker English and domaster a few  other languages 

Working in Information technology business. Once my home town was Hong Kong.  

Waiting for my FreeRunner to arrive from Germany ( was too late for the first 
batch , in time for the second and it still has not arrived)  
Felt i can best contribute to documentation English / and Dutch translations. 

I am amazed how much email traffic there is in the documentation group: a good 
sign (activity) but a bit difficult to catch what is really happening. So 
what i am telling in my first impression can be a duplication. If so i 
apologise for that. 

My first impression is that the wiki contains a lot of interesting and usefull 
information, but with a strange structure. There is not story to follow. 

Lots of navigation boxes making one jump in different directions  (main page 
has  eight navigation boxes  "Neo freeRunner has six) 

The site is kind to translators (one can jump from any English page to the 
(tobe) translated page. But very unkind to readers who want to read about 
Openmoko in their own language. That not everything is translated is not the 
problem: but to go to a next page one has to go to the english page first, 
and via the language bar , go to ones preferred language.  Very unkind to non 
Englsh fans. 

How can we improve this? 

If we make the left Navigation bar like a table of contents of the story/book 
we like to tell, than we have a guide into Openmoko

On Home ( which is called Main page , not home? ) we select the language of 
our choice. and the navigation bar changes language and points to pages only 
of our preferred language. This way we need only one language bar ( on Home) 

Nobody wants to change from Spanish to Korean on say  the distributions page. 
Still we can on nearly any page. 

I am quite happy to join the documentation team and the translation team. If 

Kind regards   


Frank W. Kooistra

Neo FreeRunner  on the way
Nokia 770 / Nokia N800 / N810
SuSe 11.0 XEN
Sun Solaris 
The Netherlands

T:+31 15 70 79 951 
M:+31 62 70 51 690 

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