Deleting outdated/unused pages

William Lai will at
Tue Sep 2 12:20:05 CEST 2008

Dear list,

Brenda and I just deleted 100+ pages in the wiki, most of them related 
to the shattered dreams of our own past :/
We will continue to do this, everyday until the wiki is mostly clear of 
  unused or outdated articles.

BTW, is there any reason why we have 100+ categories instead of 10 
categories with 100+ subcategories?  I have never read a book with 140 
chapters.  There are many such cases where, for example, 'Angstrom on 
1973' is in the Distribution category, but also in the Angstrom 
Category.  Then ofcourse, the 'Angstrom on 1973' is the only page in the 
Angstrom category.



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