Deleting outdated/unused pages

Minh Ha Duong haduong at
Tue Sep 2 12:59:02 CEST 2008

> Brenda and I just deleted 100+ pages in the wiki, most of them related
> to the shattered dreams of our own past :/
> We will continue to do this, everyday until the wiki is mostly clear of
>   unused or outdated articles.
> BTW, is there any reason why we have 100+ categories instead of 10
> categories with 100+ subcategories?  I have never read a book with 140
> chapters.  There are many such cases where, for example, 'Angstrom on
> 1973' is in the Distribution category, but also in the Angstrom
> Category.  Then ofcourse, the 'Angstrom on 1973' is the only page in the
> Angstrom category.

Thanks and congratulation !

 To me it looks like we have 10 categories now: That said, a deep category 
tree is not necessily better than a broad one. Tags, which are quite popular 
these days, form a category tree of depth 1. On the wiki issues page, I 
suggested a facet-based categorization, with top categories and only one 
level of subcategories.

  I am not sure where Kempelen, who is spearheading the recategorization 
effort, wants to go. I think he is looking for continuity with the existing 
mess and purposely trying to avoid a full rewamp of the category tree.

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