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Tue Sep 2 17:41:53 CEST 2008

> My apologies if I missed anything on the subject, but I have to agree
> here. A separate category for each translation of a page just doesn't make
> sense to me. Does wikipedia do this?

Wikipedia has a separate wiki for each locale (including Volapük, Simple 
English and the like to the point that  http:/ is nowadays 
a very interesting place to test system's Unicode capabilities.)

Our of my head, alternatives are:

1. English-site only, no translation. Proposition rejected.

2. Don't translate category names, tag translated pages with the English 
category names. This clutters the "List of pages in this category" and is not 
language friendly.

3. Append language code to category names. We moved to that model from the 
previous one a few weeks ago. This clutters the "List of subcategories in 
this category" instead, and search results remain duplicated.

4. Set top level categories as ISO locale code, then category names in their 
own language under that. Search results for proper nouns like "FreeRunner" 
will remain duplicated, but not for "Keyboard". Ugly hack ?

5. Each langage gets its main namespace.

6. One wiki for each language.

5 or 6 are probably the sensible way to go, but involve big work for the 
hosting company's engineers.

For 5. the
feature is not included in the Mediawiki. There is an extension
but it is not installed :

For 6. see issues with multilingual mediawiki at:

Also, the correspondence between translation should be maintained with tags:

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