Deleting outdated/unused pages

Ferenc Veres lion at
Tue Sep 2 23:44:06 CEST 2008

Hi all,

William Lai írta, 2008-09-02 16:15 keltezéssel:
> On Sep 2, 2008, at 6:59 PM, Minh Ha Duong wrote:
>>> Brenda and I just deleted 100+ pages in the wiki, most of them  
>>> related
>>> to the shattered dreams of our own past :/

I thought we will keep those as your planning documentation. But of 
course, only you know which ones are still useful. Thank you for 
cleaning that area!

>> To me it looks like we have 10 categories now:
> Oh ok.  I was looking at:
> How do these differ?  And is there a link that leads users to the  
> categories link you provided?  I didn't see one.

I cleaned some non-good top level categories, created the intro text, 
and proposed for inclusion in the main menu a few days ago. I guess it's 
in the progress to be added (unless not).

>> That said, a deep category
>> tree is not necessily better than a broad one. Tags, which are quite  
>> popular
>> these days, form a category tree of depth 1. On the wiki issues  
>> page, I
>> suggested a facet-based categorization, with top categories and only  
>> one
>> level of subcategories.
> I also believe this is the best way go.

I worked some days on that. We have a small set of main categories and 
many subcategories under them, exactly as you say. Sub-sub categories 
are only on two places: where there is really a larger amount of 
subarticles or where I didn't adjust yet! :-)

Feel free to adjust whatever you think would be better!

>>  I am not sure where Kempelen, who is spearheading the  
>> recategorization
>> effort, wants to go. I think he is looking for continuity with the  
>> existing
>> mess and purposely trying to avoid a full rewamp of the category tree.
> Well, I've stated my opinion above.
> I think it needs to be completely deconstructed and put back together.

So far my first aims were to kill a few general category names. Result 

"Help" gone, Wiki Editing help articles are moved to new Community/Wiki 
Editing, other Help articles are moved to their best fitting category.

"Information" gone, all moved to better fitting category. Main_Page lost 
category assignment, Wiki Index pages (article and category index) 
assigned to root "Categories" category, so they appear on the above 
linked page.

"Openmoko" category: Openmoko Inc stuff (original purpose!) moved to new 
created "Openmoko Inc" category, the rest is to be moved to appropriate 
place. (Partially done.)

Next is: "Documentation", move everything to their best fitting category 
instead general "Documentation". Then maybe "Technical" too, I think we 
agreed that is also too general name.

Of course some new categories were needed, when an "Information" did not 
fit anywhere, so I created.

> To Kempelen: can Brenda or I help in any way?  We work full time :)

Yes, work on 2008.8, really! :-)

Thanks, maybe you could add the Category:Categories link to the menu, 
above or below the Wiki Index Page. We and visitors should try 
navigating by (these rearranged) categories. ( Minh: ;-D )

More about categories are on and

(Some of those are still in discussion.)

So far I really did nothing else than eliminating general category names 
and reassigning subcategories and articles.


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