Intro - some thought about the wiki translations

Minh Ha Duong haduong at
Wed Sep 3 07:39:36 CEST 2008

> First, I agree with reducing navigation boxes on left from 3 to 2. I
> never used the third yet.

Box 3 critical review:

"About openmoko", "Press coverage" , "Current events" These links definitely 
belong to the Main page, but probably not to every page of the site. "Current 
events" should be renamed something like "Meet us at ...".

"Community Portal" Belongs to the "Community" box. Link and page should be 
renamed, maybe "Ressources" or "Channels" can do in context. Page needs 
serious works. Maybe better in the "For Users" section of the Main page 
(under an explicit name then, like "Communication channels" translated in 
simple English if possible), because for navigation purposes, the links 
basically duplicates the top-right icon bar. 

"Recent changes" I use that one all the time, it's practically my landing page 
on this wiki. But everytime I think that it's more a toolbox thing.

"Help" That's a redirect to "Edit wiki". As it stands it means more "click 
here to give help" rather than "click here to receive help". I wonder who 
uses that link and why. Without user testing, hard to tell.


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