Intro - some thought about the wiki translations

Michael Shiloh michael at
Wed Sep 3 19:27:07 CEST 2008

Minh Ha Duong wrote:
>> First, I agree with reducing navigation boxes on left from 3 to 2. I
>> never used the third yet.
> Box 3 critical review:
> "About openmoko", "Press coverage" , "Current events" These links definitely 
> belong to the Main page, but probably not to every page of the site. "Current 
> events" should be renamed something like "Meet us at ...".
> "Community Portal" Belongs to the "Community" box. Link and page should be 
> renamed, maybe "Ressources" or "Channels" can do in context. Page needs 
> serious works. Maybe better in the "For Users" section of the Main page 
> (under an explicit name then, like "Communication channels" translated in 
> simple English if possible), because for navigation purposes, the links 
> basically duplicates the top-right icon bar. 
> "Recent changes" I use that one all the time, it's practically my landing page 
> on this wiki. But everytime I think that it's more a toolbox thing.
> "Help" That's a redirect to "Edit wiki". As it stands it means more "click 
> here to give help" rather than "click here to receive help". I wonder who 
> uses that link and why. Without user testing, hard to tell.
> Minh
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+1 on everything. I'd get rid of the "Help" button The whole damned wiki 
is for helping.

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