RFC: Where to put rapidly changing problems and solutions

Michael Shiloh michael at openmoko.org
Thu Sep 4 21:30:55 CEST 2008

Frank W. Kooistra wrote:

> We could also make a rule that when a new version is rolled out all issues of 
> the previous version are deleted 
> e.g  when 2008.9 is due 2008.8 issues are deleted. Sounds crude, but the new 
> version has to be tested on them anyhow. 

Perhaps instead of deleting, move all issues to a "to be tested" 
category, and the 2008.9 category starts with a clean slate.

Here's a proposal: categorize all known issues per release i.e. move all 
current issues to a 2008.8 sub-category, then when 2008.9 is released 
intentionally start a new _empty_ sub-category. As users test 2008.9, 
issues that are still present (hopefully none :-) can simply be copied, 
and new issues (hopefully none :-) added.

For comparison, we can keep known issues for both the present and the 
previous release, but delete those earlier.

This seems like a pretty easy solution for us to implement right away.

An exception is 2007.2, which we have to keep around for as long as 
FreeRunner is shipped with it. Anyway, that's a different distro.

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