RFS: Where to put rapidly changing problems and solutions

haduong at centre-cired.fr haduong at centre-cired.fr
Fri Sep 5 07:56:02 CEST 2008

> I would guess that in most places, 2008.8 actually means ASU or in fact
> simply Om, since that's the official release.
> Didn't we have a discussion on naming conventions? What should be the
> proper name? ASU seems a little outdated :-)
> We might have to change all those references to 2008.8 to whatever the
> proper name is.

  Writers (including me) tend to make the confusion between branches and
releases. Let's seize this opportunity to clear that up everywhere. Here
is tentative food for our "Naming convention" page:

  In my views the authoritative name for branches is the GIT repository,
so ASU is not outdated. I have no property concerns to with
  "the ''.asu.stable'' branch"
  "the ''.asu.stable'' branch repository"
How about systematic lower case, ''italics'', fully qualified branch name
and the word "branch" . That should make it clear enough !

  Then there is Om 2008.8 the release, which denotes the state of the
''.asu.stable'' branch at a given point in time. As a typographic
convention, how about simply [[Om 2008.8]].

  We should try to avoid 'stable', 'dev' and 'testing' to qualify
distributions because they are branch qualifiers. Good bug-fixes flow
from the ''XXX.dev'' to ''XXX.testing'' to ''XXX.stable''. ''.stable''
is a tag used in the git to mean "the XXX.branch from which the binaries
are build". So by definition, any distributed binary is from a
''.stable'' branch.

  Instead, I would suggest that the 2008.8 distribution is the 'last
released' or the 'supported' distribution. And "2008.8 opkg updated from
the 2008.8 repository" or "flashed from yesterday's asu images" is the
'up to date' distribution.


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