Wiki focus - user versus developer documentation

haduong at haduong at
Fri Sep 5 08:07:08 CEST 2008

>> 1. Export them with tiddlywiki to be installed statically on every
>> device.
>> 2. Export them statically every day/week/release to a different url,
>> maybe "", with a noob-friendly CSS. With a
>> searchbox and
>> a button that sends back to the wiki for editing of course.
>> 3. Use some Wiki-to-pdf tool to sell a nice handbook for Normal Users.
>> Come to think of it, the handbook domain do not have to be managed by
>> Openmoko
>> inc...
>> What do you guys say ?
> This sounds really good to me. I would suggest "Manual" instead of
> "Handbook", as it seems clearer, but maybe that's just me. I'm not
> sure I see a need for point 2, however - I think with good wiki layout
> and configuration this would probably be unnecessary, and it would be
> good to avoid things getting out of sync.

I proposed 2. as an answer to the desire to offer a simpler browsing
experience to Normal Users than the one offered to Developpers. Instead of
sending them straight to the wiki, we send them to the tiddlywiki.

Note that 1. and 2. are technically in place already at:
I would say it needs a CSS layout & design revision, a handheld-oriented
CSS, automatic sync, and that (as you say) writers from the main wiki take
care to remain simple in these pageS.


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