category overview page

Ferenc Veres lion at
Sat Sep 6 22:58:18 CEST 2008


BrendaWang írta, 2008-09-05 11:54 keltezéssel:
> Dear documentation team:
> I make a category overview page, and put this page's link on the
> navigation bar.
> And if we have another language category, ex hardware/zh tw can put on
> the page like this, I think that will do some help.
>   Category overview/zh tw
> Any comment?

I think that's a duplication of

which is also authored by you. This one is longer, because it's 
vertical, but that does not necessarily make it less overviewable.

Sorry for leaving the Editing marker there while I was on 3 days 
holiday! :-)

Feel free to edit it any time, just don't make large changes.  When a 
page is "locked" for {{Editing}}, I think, minor edits are still 
"allowed" (and welcome), because the editor has a global overview and 
wants to make large changes, but that does not always affect individual 
paragraphs or sections.


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