Category cleanup

Ferenc Veres lion at
Sun Sep 7 17:55:20 CEST 2008

Dear documentation team,

I've emptied the Openmoko category and all language versions by moving 
content to more relevant place. I proposed empty categories for 
{{Delete}}. Additionally, last time I missed cleaning up language 
versions of Category:Information, so it is now also done, {{Delete}} 
marker added to those category pages.

On articles/categories what I've put in {{Delete}} I've added a reason 
in the Comment field, see history with {{Delete}} text. I didn't use 
Wiki Issues voting this time, because all these were so obviously 
unnecessary (e.g. a copied non-translated English as a language version, 

Next is, should I 
keep on re-categorizing these too?? Soon we will clearly see what we 
have in specific subject. ;-) What about Technical? Keep or 
recategorize? (I vote for moving that too.)

A very big question is what about categories which are Hardware and 
Software in the same place? E.g. "GPS", "GSM", "Accelerometer"...!?!

Should they be both in Software/Applications AND Hardware and we mix HW 
and Application articles in them? E.g. Accelerometer chips and Gestures 
program in the same "Accelerometer" category, which is in both Hardware 
AND Applications (software)?

(GPS has a special subcategory, GPS Applications, that's another 
possible approach.)

Networking is another example of subcategory of both HW and APP. (I 
think this is ok, but some other opinions would be great to see.)


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