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Ferenc Veres lion at
Tue Sep 9 10:25:04 CEST 2008


Minh Ha Duong írta, 2008-09-08 11:15 keltezéssel:
> Le lundi 08 septembre 2008, BrendaWang a écrit :
>> I want to delete
>> and keep : >
> I would say do it, and rename "Category overview" as "Site map"
> I tried to add a link to "Category:categories" unsuccessfully.
> Layout: see Discussion page

I don't think the new category index is easier to use, but if so many 
people voted ok, then fine with me.

Please do not use BOLD on whole pages, this is the second fully bold 
page, this makes no sense, bold is for emphasis. (The other one is:

I moved the contents of Openmoko_Wiki_Categories_Index_Page to 
Wiki_Issues page, because as I said earlier, I use this for discovering 
current category map and designing a better one. So I needed the content 
which exactly matches the current tree (more or less :) ).

So you can delete the old one now, thanks.

Regarding Minh's comment on the

 > A way to give a semblance of logic to the categories list would be to
 > rename "Community" to "Wetware". Then we create a top level category
 > "Vaporware".

I am not sure this is a joke or not. I don't know what is Wetware and 
what is Vaporware (should check wikipedia, but I have no time at the 
moment). If I need wikipedia to understand top level category names, 
then category names are not well chosen.

Community category is too big, as clearly visible on the category map 
linked above. I also realized this, any recommendations are welcome.

 > Category "Todo" goes under, as well as "Ideas" which is currently
 > under "Community".

To some degree "TODO" belongs to Community/Wiki Editing category. The 
problem is that TODO is applied to both "page needs improvement" and 
"missing software features". We need to separate these two different 
pages, and then we can move the Wiki related todo to Wiki Editing.

Hm, probably we already have that:

If you agree, we must replace all TODO templates with Improve, when it 
refers to improving Wiki text content. And then move Todo to one of the 
Developer categories or Community.

 > Pages in "Legal" could go under "Openmoko Inc."

Yes, and you already moved it, thanks! Some articles are now in both 
Openmoko Inc and Legal, Wikipedia categorization guide said, editors 
should avoid this, unless really necessary. So tonight I'll move legal 
ones to Legal only.


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