Propositions on categories

Michael Shiloh michael at
Thu Sep 11 22:25:51 CEST 2008

Minh Ha Duong wrote:
>> 318! I think we should aim for less than 100 categories. What do you think?
> Well, there are about 1,266 content pages in the wiki, and categories with 
> less than 5 pages are hardly justified. But we can't really say with all the 
> translations.
>> Yes. As discussed, we were going to remove these somehow so they
>> wouldn't clutter up the category space. Is this done? Can it be done? Is
>> someone doing this?
> Can be done, Sean asked your engineers on this mailing list to look at it a 
> week ago. I suspect they had their hands full with git and email issues, or 
> simply not on this list.

If you have that email handy, can you respond to it and ask if anyone is 
working on this?

>>> Good idea. It can go under "Maturity level"
>> Can you give me examples of what you see as the sub-categories
>> immediately under "maturity level"? I'm a little unclear on this.
> Normally it goes like: 
> Pre-alpha, Alpha, Beta, Production/Stable (i.e. Gold), Mature.

I see. And "Mature" means "historical"?

> But in this wiki the words used are:
> [+] Ideas
> [+] Implemented
> [+] In progress
> [+] Progress unknown
> [+] ToDo
> [+] Unimplemented

Good, this maps pretty closely. Ideas and unimplemented are both 
pre-alpha :-), everything else makes sense.

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