Shaking up the category tree

Ferenc Veres lion at
Thu Sep 11 23:50:16 CEST 2008

Hi all,

Thanks for working  on the category changes, the results look quite 
good. (We could really have the link in the main menu 
replacing "Category Overview" now... no?)

I am glad that we moved Applications and Distributions from Software, 
because they were HIDDEN there, in a useless container.

The split if "Intended Audience" from Community is also a great idea, 
however I am not sure about the category name. Seeing this name, I 
expect an article writing about "who should buy FR" and so on. Actually 
the best top level category for those pages would be the "Guides", 
because these are guides (most of them), and they are categorized by 
intended audience. (I think all articles under

could be recategorized to these four audience names, and then umbrella 
them under the top "Guides" (which should not contain articles directly.)

Michael Shiloh írta, 2008-09-11 21:56 keltezéssel:
>>>> - I want to rename "Technical" to something like "Environment"
>>> Hmm. What goes in here? Isn't almost everything technical? I think this
>>> category is meaningless.
>> Categories presently under Technical are about the environment, in an 
>> information ecosystemic way: Emulation, Carriers, Protocol... How we 
>> interface with things that are outside us. It needs renaming too.
> "Technical" is clearly wrong, but I'm not sure that "Environment" helps.
> Emulation I would put under development.
> Carriers under basic users
> protocol belongs with developers.
> Perhaps allow things to be uncategorized until we settle, rather than 
> creating awkward categories. Environment can just mean too many 
> different things to be useful.

Yes, I agree, I also wanted to move those that way. And then next is the 
50 articles directly in Technical, same applies as for Documentation.

>>>> - I want to rename "Hardware" to something like "Functional subsystem"
>>> I might go along with this, but I'd like to understand your thinking.
>>> What goes in here?
>> Subsystems, from an engineering point of view: USB, GSM, GPS, SD MMC, CPU, 
>> Glamo, Sound, Wifi, Accels, Power, Vibrator, Casing
>>> If people think of this as "hardware" then best to use the common name.
>> These tags also should apply to drivers, protocols, applications. 
> Ah. I understand. Yes, I agree. Rename "Hardware" to "Subsystems" I 
> think, where "Subsystem" would include both the hardware and the 
> software aspects.
> Much better.
> +1

I am not sure about this. Hardware is a word everybody understands. 
Seeing hardware category users will know they find GPS antenna, 
FreeRunner schematics, CPU info, Accelerator.

Under "subsystems", what's that? D-Bus? Panel applications? X11?

>>>> - "Software" can go
>>> Agreed. Too big a category. Pretty much everything that isn't explicitly
>>>   hardware or social groups becomes software. A category that is
>>> "everything else" is not a valid category, IMHO. Was this your thinking?
>> Yes. Almost emptied now.
> Excellent! You've been busy.

Cool! Thanks! :-)


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