Propositions on categories

Ferenc Veres lion at
Thu Sep 11 23:56:11 CEST 2008


Michael Shiloh írta, 2008-09-11 21:34 keltezéssel:
>>> We still have way too many categories. I'd like to see at least half of
>>> them removed.
>> But there are many languages.
> Yes. As discussed, we were going to remove these somehow so they 
> wouldn't clutter up the category space. Is this done? Can it be done? Is 
> someone doing this?

I really can't see why it is a problem to have that long list of 
categories on the SPECIAL page 
( This language 
structure makes it pretty simple to switch between languages on the 
Category pages and see what articles and subcategories are available in 
that language.

The only problem what we should fix, is that the articles' gray category 
box link ("Category") leads to Category:Categories and not 

>> Good idea. It can go under "Maturity level"

Yep, thanks for collecting those to another category (they were spread 
all around :-) ). Basically these are not categories now, these are 
TAGS. (But that's also cool.) Nobody wants to browse "anything which is 
Progress unknown", but this is a very good indicator tag on the article 
when reading the article itself.


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