why do we have Openmoko_Local_Groups?

BrendaWang brenda_wang at openmoko.com
Fri Sep 12 05:29:13 CEST 2008

I want to do some explanation of Local Groups and Official Index page. 
That's something like history of improving Wiki.
1. At the very beginning , our Wiki system's version is very old . And 
it has only basic function. No extension . Not all these function (like 
category tree tag , or use css and html on navigation bar, even move 
function ) could worked on wiki. So , the way I used to make wiki became 
more organized was manually make a list , and put all the same topic on 
it . I mean "Local group " pages.
The same thing happened with Index page. It generate manually.

And now.
1. Our wiki version is upgrade to 1.12. And I do some research , and ask 
our IT put more extension on wiki. So, we can use simple way to make 
pages easy to find on wiki.
Like this Sop :
New pages has its own category==>category tree tag generate the category 
tree and put everthing thing related on list automatically. ===>people 
can use category tree to find related pages.

2. I think if we can make ervery pages has its own category, and put the 
category tree tag on the right place. That will be help to make wiki 
easy to find pages.

3. The question is where is the right place to put category tree?

Michael Shiloh ??:
> Isn't this page simply a list of all pages in the category "Openmoko 
> Local Groups"?
> It's redundant and must be manually generated and so is prone to error. 
> For these sins it must be banished.
> Or am I missing something?
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