Multilingual wiki (was Re: Deleting outdated/unused pages)

Michael Shiloh michael at
Fri Sep 12 20:52:35 CEST 2008

Minh Ha Duong wrote:
> Hi Joh,
>   I think we are on the same page, so let me try to summarize shortly.
> 9. My replies would be:
> 9.1 We want ns:4 "Openmoko" changed to "Openmoko Wiki"
> ns:5 "Openmoko_talk" changed to "Openmoko_Wiki_talk"
> then one "XX" and "XX_talk" for each XX in
> ar bg cs de it ee es ... (see the Language template).
> 9.2 The list is probably not going to evolve, especially if we include the 
> next 20 most likely to be needed languages.
> 9.3 Not yet.
> 10. Why not yet ?
> 10.1 Can someone show us a successful implementations of this "one namespace 
> per language scheme" in another wikis please ?
> 10.2 Are we having the bot ready and tested to do a mass rename within a few 
> days ?
> 10.3 We need to change the  {{Languages}} template.
> 10.4 Can we ask users to setup their language namespaces to be searched as 
> part of the registration process ?

Excellent conversation. Thanks, Minh, for getting us started, and thanks 
Roh for answering. Namespace seems like a perfect solution for us, in 
terms of what we need and how easy it would be to implement.

Roh, what else do you need from us or from OM? Or can you get started 
based on Minh's answers?


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