Shaking up the category tree

Ferenc Veres lion at
Fri Sep 12 21:08:51 CEST 2008


Minh Ha Duong írta, 2008-09-12 08:48 keltezéssel:
>> (We could really have the
>> link in the main menu
>> replacing "Category Overview" now... no?)
>  Yes, altough I would really prefer a more compact "web directory style" 
> layout than a "click to expand" tree. The "Category overview" page may be 
> manually maintained and not so compact, but it's more useable.

My main concern about the Category overview page is that it gives 
another structure to the same thing again. It does not reflect the 
structure we created, it introduces a new one.

Some things which belong to two different main categories are in one 
main category here, and so on. (Additionally it's very difficult to 
read. This looks like one very long link:

Support Hardware -GTA02-GTA01-Neo1973 Phase 0 related-Neo1973 Phase 1 
related-Neo1973 Hardware Debugging-Neo1973 alternate cases- Neo1973 and 
external hardware


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