Propositions on categories

Ferenc Veres lion at
Sat Sep 13 12:08:25 CEST 2008

Ferenc Veres wrote:
> Comment  #3 From JePe  2006-10-30 14:09:18 UTC
> "On category pages in big wikis it is linking to a page with only the
> first 50 categories from thousands of categories. So most visitors are
> directed to a useless page when they are searching for other categories."

Awww, ignore that reasoning. I know we will reduce # of categories, and
I agree with that idea. (However it's near to the final already.)

Same thread older mails:

I don't think we should rename Hardware, because it contains
subcategories for components and lot of articles can be assigned to
these, GPS, GSM, USB etc. And it's self explaining, not like
"Environment" or "Functional".


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