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Ferenc Veres lion at
Sun Sep 14 00:33:06 CEST 2008


To Minh's new comments on categories talk.

     * Multilinguism

Until we change to any other method, I want to make sure you understand 
the current one: There is a category tree in English. The same tree is 
recreated for every language, with same category name, but /xx language 
suffix (of course these are incomplete). Every category page has a 
languages bar, this way you can navigate between your language and 
English any time.

Maintaining the copies won't be a big problem if we can reduce the tree 
a bit more.

     * Categorizing templates

Why do we need that?

     * Categorizing uncategorized categories

I have done this a few days ago, but with English categories only. 
Categorizing /xx versions would require to complete the copies of the 
category tree, what I am not going to do until: we decide to keep this 
method, we stabilize the structure. :-)

     * Rewriting the category pages text

I don't think that the new main category texts with 27 (!) links is 
useful. 27 links in 7 sentences.

My original description of the same page had only 9 links, then the rest 
is up to the user to discover, the [+] links are listed automatically. 
It's not about: the more links we provide the more chance readers find. 
It's even the OPPOSITE in many cases.

     * Clickable tree is ugly/less functional than directory-style list 
of subcategories (but automatic ?)

Hehe, one can get used to it. Is not forced to. You don't need to use 
[+], if you go to Applications, you still get a list of subcategories.

     * Besides "Distributions" the name of top level categories are all 
           o Rename "Community" as "We the people" and move "Openmoko 
Inc." there ?

I think Openmoko Inc deserves a main category. I don't know about the 
rest of the team, but I like the word "Community". It's more welcoming, 
inviting, "we the people" does not include the visitor.


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