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Minh Ha Duong haduong at
Sun Sep 14 08:49:00 CEST 2008

>      * Multilinguism
> Until we change to any other method, I want to make sure you understand
> the current one: There is a category tree in English. The same tree is
> recreated for every language, with same category name, but /xx language
> suffix (of course these are incomplete). Every category page has a
> languages bar, this way you can navigate between your language and
> English any time.
> Maintaining the copies won't be a big problem if we can reduce the tree
> a bit more.

Okay, but how about Search results being cluttered ? Another option could be 
to keep the suffix-based method and fix the searchbox and the categorization. 
I am not sure this is easier.

>      * Categorizing templates
> Why do we need that?

Because there are many kinds of templates: navigation boxes, warnings, 
content. But this is not urgent, provided we maintain this list manually  up to date.

>      * Categorizing uncategorized categories
> I have done this a few days ago, but with English categories only.
> Categorizing /xx versions would require to complete the copies of the
> category tree, what I am not going to do until: we decide to keep this
> method, we stabilize the structure. :-)

So this is mostly complete, congratulations.

>      * Rewriting the category pages text
> It's not about: the more links we provide the more chance readers find.
> It's even the OPPOSITE in many cases.
>      * Clickable tree is ugly/less functional than directory-style list
> of subcategories (but automatic ?)
> Hehe, one can get used to it. Is not forced to. You don't need to use
> [+], if you go to Applications, you still get a list of subcategories.

What I want ultimately is to have every page THREE clicks away from the home 
- Click on "Site map" go to directory of all categories and all subcategories
- Click on "X" to display the list of pages marked by that tag
- Click on the page title.

Actually when browsing works well, I would not be against having the directory 
on the homepage itself, so every page is TWO jumps from home.
Of course this will call for some redesign...

> inviting, "we the people" does not include the visitor.

Well, it was actually a joke I could not help myself sorry. "We the people" is 
way too culturally marked ! But under this, I meant that I like the "People" 
category in Brenda's classification.


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