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Ferenc Veres lion at
Sun Sep 14 11:22:40 CEST 2008

Ferenc Veres wrote:
> linked here but don't belong here
> not linked, but belong here (depending on how you interpret the terms)

Cleanup proposal:

I think these are Openmoko software (part of Openmoko official
distribution), despite their non-openmoko categorization:

(Ok, E17 is third party software, true, but then what on my Neo is NOT?
90% or more is general free software, Linux, Busybox, libxml....)

Other OSes related:

I think these articles should be split:

- Host OSes (software that you run on a desktop, laptop, PC, Mac, etc,
and you do something Openmoko related (connect to it, develop for it)
(Is "Host OS" a good name? or Host OSes? Or another?)

- Alternate distributions (software that you install on Neo)

Qtopia/Debian already have their category. Another category could be
created under Distributions called "Other distributions" for the ones
which have no serious support yet, and only 1-2 articles. (FreeBSD,
NetBSD, I saw a Linux, maybe Gentoo too somewhere). (Of course only arm4
parts of these articles will be moved, I'll split if needed.)

Where would a new "Host OSes" category belong to?

Then we have only 4 articles remaining Software non-openmoko: (cool, maybe system developers) (debian for
now, and USB) (applications, we have a lot of
third party applications already, which are not marked
"non-openmoko",e.g. TangoGPS) (Flashing Openmoko)

Bye Bye "Software (non-openmoko)". Please comment, I don't change
anything yet.


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