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haduong at haduong at
Sun Sep 14 12:08:33 CEST 2008

> Ferenc Veres wrote:
>> linked here but don't belong here
>> not linked, but belong here (depending on how you interpret the terms)
> Cleanup proposal:
> I think these are Openmoko software (part of Openmoko official
> distribution), despite their non-openmoko categorization:

Yes, definitely.


For these we can create a sub category to host pages about non openmoko
software under "Community". Would "Upstream/related projects" be clear
enough ? That also could take care of "Host OSs" pages.

> Qtopia/Debian already have their category. Another category could be
> created under Distributions called "Other distributions" for the ones
> which have no serious support yet, and only 1-2 articles. (FreeBSD,
> NetBSD, I saw a Linux, maybe Gentoo too somewhere). (Of course only arm4
> parts of these articles will be moved, I'll split if needed.)

More generally: If we disallow pages under the top level categories, we
will need a catch-all subcategory in each. The alternative is to allow
pages under Distributions, Applications ... It looks better to me actually
(less work to do now, and catch-alls are not really sexy anyway)

> Then we have only 4 articles remaining Software non-openmoko:
> (cool, maybe system developers)
> (debian for
> now, and USB)
> (applications, we have a lot of
> third party applications already, which are not marked
> "non-openmoko",e.g. TangoGPS)
> (Flashing Openmoko)
> Bye Bye "Software (non-openmoko)". Please comment, I don't change
> anything yet.



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