Broken links for 2007.2. Where should we redirect them?

Michael Shiloh michael at
Sun Sep 14 22:00:47 CEST 2008

Minh Ha Duong wrote:
>> I've not been following the 2007.2 discussion too closely; I know that
>> we have discontinued support but we still have images, don't we?
>   You are asking the "documentation" team ?

Yes; I start here, then if no one here knows, expand the circle.

> - I have not seen any official general policy statement about support.
> - I think you still have images, they were talking only about shutting down 
> buildhost HTTP access, not about trashing the it. So:
> - I would try FTP or SSH into buildhost.
> - Discuss and make policy about archival and support. Involve 2007.2 users in 
> discussion !


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