Community update

Minh Ha Duong haduong at
Mon Sep 15 11:28:33 CEST 2008

Hi all, and especially Michael,

  Here is a list of topics, if someone wants to check for ommisions , add a 
summary sentence under each point and add links, we could issue a community 
update soon. I think it's an interesting angle to cross post to and from all 
lists, because each of us is only on a small part of the community. 

Software and distributions:
- Dale's DFU script started
- FDOM started
- Gentoo started
- Several classic games ported: Duke Nukem 3D, Battle for Wesnoth
- Debian fso-pkg team is getting full steam ahead
- Qtopia 4.3.2 released
- Google SoC projects released: gestures (includes autorotates the screen !), 

News from the  git:
- The html access to that provided 2007.2 has been 
- 2008.8 + daily updates is getting better and better, working its way towards 
a bug fix release (milestone tagged 2008.9 in the trac)
- Om shuffling git branches around is about done, is dead wood now.
- New "head" development branch is only basesystem+installer (no phone stack 
preloaded, even less applications)
- FSO Milestone 3 released
- Planned architecture for next release is  Tichy + Paroli + framework .

Documentation team:
- Redesigned wiki Main page in time for the Digg day
- Deleting lots of old/unused wiki pages
- Introduced wiki navigation boxes, working on categories
- Learning to use Widimedia. Postponed CSS revision, wondering how to deal 
with multilinguism better
- More blog added to the planet

Notable fixes :
- GPS TTFF bug was fixed soon after launch (what happens to the first batch 
units then, is there a way / necessity to do the hardware fix ?)
- Keyboard choices in 2008.2 explained
- Workaround found for suspend corrupts SD card partition table (??? Slow the 
GLAmo clock ???)
- Echo cancelation turned on in TI chip (is that undocumented function in ?)

Most discussed bugs:
- Using Bluetooth headset is still impossible/hard to do
- Sound is still awfully complicated (alsa.state remains black magic)
- Power management: progress but still far from goal of autonomy in days (full 
discharge vs. forced load issue, LEDs and buttons use model still in flux, 
charging while off, fine-grained subsystems sleep...)
- Repeated messages on the mailing lists
- The trac is getting to over Bug reports quality 

- community-repository is slow to take off: orrery, diversity-wifi, mofi, 
moko-sudoku, comic-reader, only omview added.
- A classified section has been started to sell/buy on the wiki
- Position offer for X dev (if still valid)
- The Paris meeting was a big success with ~80 attendees.
- FreeRunners still seem to sell like hotcakes, they are frequently out of 

Okay, back to my real work now,

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