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Ferenc Veres lion at
Mon Sep 15 23:07:27 CEST 2008


Michael Shiloh írta, 2008-09-15 07:23 keltezéssel:
> Ferenc Veres wrote:
>> hi all
>> Is this category:
>> for DEBUG BOARD? Is that the same, or is there something else called 
>> Development board? (The Neo 1973 Debug Board article was put there by 
>> me, so don't justice from that!)
> No, it's not the debug board. It's a development board for some module 
> we used, could have been the TI Calypso, the CPU, the Wolfson audio, 
> anything.

Thank you! Ok, seems you moved it somewhere. Anyway, there were so many 
for Debug Board that I thought a new category will be useful. (I've 
collected 8 articles in it already.)

More about "Hardware" category.

It's ok for me if we rename it to Function, but let's vote here and 
let's ask around if there is a way to RENAME instead moving. (I added 
Accelerometer back to Hardware next to your "Function" until we decide, 
because I missed it. :-) )

So if it's "Function", we will feel ok adding some software or scripts 
too, e.g. to USB, which is not bad!

Regarding this.

[–] Hardware Support
   [+] GTA03
   [+] GTA04
   [+] Neo FreeRunner Hardware
   [+] Neo1973 Hardware


I would like to move those 4 categories one level up, to Hardware 
directly. To flatten the structure. (1973 even has subcategories!)

It's hard to guess that "Neo FreeRunner Hardware" is under Hardware 
support! Alternatively, if we rename this to Function, we could move 
Hardware Support to ROOT! (Category:Categories) Even better.

(And rename it to "Phones" "temporarily", until a non-phone Openmoko Inc 
device comes out.)


Categories are ready soon.


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