Category:Development_Board ?

haduong at haduong at
Tue Sep 16 08:30:34 CEST 2008

> More about "Hardware" category.
> It's ok for me if we rename it to Function, but let's vote here and
> let's ask around if there is a way to RENAME instead moving. (I added
> Accelerometer back to Hardware next to your "Function" until we decide,
> because I missed it. :-) )

Functions: Minh, Michael
Hardware: Ferenc

The Wikimedia documentation is explicit that categories cannot be RENAMEd,
we have to create new category and move stuff.

I support the idea of having a top level "Phones" category to host the
tags you say.

We have mostly only one-word names for top-level categories. May we
reconsider this implicit constraint ? It's easier to be explicit with two
words, and it would make it clearer that the top level categories are not
Applications -> Application category
Function -> Functional subsystem
Hardware -> Phone model


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