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Ferenc Veres lion at
Tue Sep 16 21:51:03 CEST 2008

Hi all,

Minh Ha Duong írta, 2008-09-14 08:49 keltezéssel:
>>      * Multilinguism
>> Until we change to any other method, I want to make sure you understand
>> the current one: There is a category tree in English. The same tree is
>> recreated for every language, with same category name, but /xx language
>> suffix (of course these are incomplete). Every category page has a
>> languages bar, this way you can navigate between your language and
>> English any time.
>> Maintaining the copies won't be a big problem if we can reduce the tree
>> a bit more.
> Okay, but how about Search results being cluttered ? Another option could be 
> to keep the suffix-based method and fix the searchbox and the categorization. 
> I am not sure this is easier.

Yes, search is bad, and will be even worse with more translations.
Whatever solution is ok for me, but we currently have this "shadow 
categories" for languages, and due to no consensus, I am not creating 
any more shadow categories. This leaves many translated pages in 
categories what you can reach only if you browse categories in English 
and switch to language with the last category only.

> What I want ultimately is to have every page THREE clicks away from the home 
> page.
> - Click on "Site map" go to directory of all categories and all subcategories
> - Click on "X" to display the list of pages marked by that tag
> - Click on the page title.

This won't be possible if the Wiki will be large enough. Imagine 
reaching "Paris Local Group" or "2008-05 Dialer test results" in 3 
clicks, sounds impossible and also unnecessary.

Main navigational elements in this wiki - I think - are the links inside 
article text. If those are easy to navigate, people won't have problem 
digging deeper. A clear category structure is still good of course.

Here is a current category overview:

It's not very deep anymore. 3-4 levels where really needed (e.g. Phones, 
1973, and tons of subcategories for 1973, in general it's "flat". :-)

Minh: yes, please write Category:Hardware page, but if possible, don't 
make additional too many links to that page besides the existing 
autogenerated ones. Brief overviews on the category pages should be 
enough.  I made a simple list there yesterday called "Featured articles 
in category Hardware", but feel free to overwrite that.



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