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Minh Ha Duong haduong at
Wed Sep 17 08:24:53 CEST 2008

> Yes, search is bad, and will be even worse with more translations.

Not when we have each language in its own namespace.
I was wondering if we can have multiple roots for the category tree.
Can we have "Category:Categories/Russian","Category:Categories/French" 
and then use this as alternate roots, i.e. keep them uncategorized ?

> This won't be possible if the Wiki will be large enough. Imagine
> reaching "Paris Local Group" or "2008-05 Dialer test results" in 3
> clicks, sounds impossible and also unnecessary.

8 top level categories
15 subcategories in each -> 120 subcategories
20 pages per subcategory -> 2400 links

That's twice the current number of pages. How many pages do you think are 
needed ?

> It's not very deep anymore. 3-4 levels where really needed (e.g. Phones,
> 1973, and tons of subcategories for 1973, in general it's "flat". :-)

I still want to shoot for a two levels categorization.
How about a top level category named "Infrastructure" for the refugees 
from "Technical" that are currently level 3 under "Guide" ?
The concept of Infrastructure applies to middleware (Framework, DBus) but also 
to Carriers and Host OS...

> Minh: yes, please write Category:Hardware page, but if possible, don't
> make additional too many links to that page besides the existing
> autogenerated ones. Brief overviews on the category pages should be
> enough.  I made a simple list there yesterday called "Featured articles
> in category Hardware", but feel free to overwrite that.

Done, just 2 lines on top to remember what goes there.

Minh HA DUONG, Chargé de Recherche, CNRS
CIRED, Centre International de Recherches sur l'Environnement et le 

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