Main page translations

Ferenc Veres lion at
Wed Sep 17 21:52:37 CEST 2008


>> Is it ok to mail the translators of the Main page, asking them to 
>> update the translation? I would use Wiki Mail and I would refer to my 

Ok, done. Summary:

Main Page/ar | perfect
Main Page/bg | mailed Mr700
Main Page/cs | big update on 1st of September, giving him time
Main Page/de | mailed Gorschkow
Main Page/ee | mailed Myoldryn and V6lur
Main Page/es | up to date
Main Page/fa | mailed Milad
Main Page/fi | up to date
Main Page/fr | up to date
Main Page/gr | mailed Konenas and Chronix
Main Page/he | mailed YaronSh
Main Page/hu | up to date
Main Page/it | mailed Panta
Main Page/jp | NO EMAIL and very mini page, I suggest deleting
Main Page/kr | mailed Php5
Main Page/nl | mailed Lazlovdbunt
Main Page/pl | just a link to a Polish site. Ok.
Main Page/pt | Maintainer has no email. Very old Main Page version.
Main Page/ro | mailed Adrians, Cristraum
Main Page/ru | not that bad
Main Page/se | mailed
Main Page/sk | mailed M4rtin.m
Main Page/zh cn and tw | mailed Coolcat ;-)

Only "jp" and "pt" have no user e-mail and are very much outdated.


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